Be aware if you got some of 200,000$ send through cargo shipment to Cambodia


My dear friends, today I do decided to share about what my family member face it recently. I knew that is a cheating but we try to see what and how they gonna do to make us pay for the remaining some of money that they said to be for tax import payment to get boxes clear from cargo warehouse.

I knew until today, there still have many people have been touch be them. Some of them was lost their money and got nothing in return from the cheating. Mostly, they did through Facebook because they could see the profile of the target.

They start talking to us, and at the same time they asked about our source of income or event the salary if we are a workers. With all of these, they could estimate the level of which target could be demand. Postal address will be asked because they pretend willing to be apart of target family member by sending in advance the gift and amount of money for prior setting things like new house or car. Packages of things with also include the some huge amount of money will be send to the via cargo.

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How to check your Apple device such as IPhone warranty?

Buying iPhone or any apple device seconds hand is not always get the real product. I do not mean to all markets It is just for some markets where product is where the seller would like to take huge profit from selling a fake device mixing with this real one. Sometimes we can come into a situation where fake device is showing up. It is not easy to differentiate the real and the fake one. The fake one is always made in the way where simple notice hard to identify. This is the case of when you want to buy second hand products. If your device is running into the case where hardware failure is happening what should you do? Does warranty is still valid? Should you contact support with free of charge?

By checking their manufacturing specifications is one of the things that we could avoid failing into a fake products. It is not just finding fake or original one but also can see whether the device is still in warranty, phone support, …

Currently we can check on Apple website to see whether IMEI(International Mobile Station Equipment Identity)

Where and how can you find IMEI number of your iPhone device?

  1. Through the box of your device

IPhone Box


  • Short cut code


Once you can access to dial number, you can easily check device IMEI via short cut command *#06#.

IPhone ShortCut Key

The IMEI code is immediate display just when you finished typing last code ‘#’ of the *#06#

IMEI display


  • Phone settings


Phone settings is where every specifications are displayed not just only IMEI. It has also serial number, Operating System version, …

You can get those information by going in to Setting -> General -> About


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