Export SQL Server database diagram,

I know that some of you might want to do like me, export database diagram to be executed in other server. This case would meet when we want to have a very blank database but remain all database schema of an existing database one.

Normally we can do a back up then restore it as a new name then run the script to truncate all data in every tables but it will be difficult if it was build with diagram.

I have found on the net the sample on SQL Server 2000 and also 2005. It is a very helpfull for my case as I need to re-create database schemas on my new blank database.

1. SQL 2000

There have 2 store procedures and a function is needed


CREATE FUNCTION dbo.ufn_VarbinaryToVarcharHex (@VarbinaryValue
RETURNS Varchar(8000) AS

Declare @NumberOfBytes Int
Declare @LeftByte Int
Declare @RightByte Int

SET @NumberOfBytes = datalength(@VarbinaryValue)

IF (@NumberOfBytes > 4)
RETURN Payment.dbo.ufn_VarbinaryToVarcharHex(cast(substri ng(@VarbinaryValue,1,
(@NumberOfBytes/2)) as varbinary(2000)))+ Payment.dbo.ufn_VarbinaryToVarcharHex(cast(substri ng(@VarbinaryValue,((@NumberOfBytes/2)+1),2000) as varbinary(2000)))

IF (@NumberOfBytes = 0)

-- Either 4 or less characters (8 hex digits) were input
SET @LeftByte = CAST(@VarbinaryValue as Int) & 15
SET @LeftByte = CASE WHEN (@LeftByte < 10)
THEN (48 + @LeftByte)
ELSE (87 + @LeftByte)
SET @RightByte = (CAST(@VarbinaryValue as Int) / 16) & 15
SET @RightByte = CASE WHEN (@RightByte < 10)
THEN (48 + @RightByte)
ELSE (87 + @RightByte)
SET @VarbinaryValue = SUBSTRING(@VarbinaryValue, 1,(@NumberOfBytes-1))

RETURN CASE WHEN (@LeftByte < 10)
Payment.dbo.ufn_VarbinaryToVarcharHex(@VarbinaryVa lue) + char(@RightByte) + char(@LeftByte)
Payment.dbo.ufn_VarbinaryToVarcharHex(@VarbinaryVa lue) + char(@RightByte) + char(@LeftByte)


GRANT EXECUTE ON [dbo].[ufn_VarbinaryToVarcharHex] TO [PUBLIC]

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Reset page numbers for each group in a report

Sometime you would need to reset page numbering on your Ms Reporting on each group. To do so it’s needed to add a few line of code in the sub as sample below:

Private Sub GroupHeader0_Format(Cancel As Integer, FormatCount As Integer)
'Set page number to 1 when a new group starts.
    Page = 1
End Sub

And then Set the ForceNewPage property of the Country Footer section to After Section. To do this, follow these steps:

In Design view, right-click The Group Footer, and then click Properties.
In the Section: GroupFooter1 dialog box, click the Format tab.
In the Force New Page box, click After Section, and then close the Section: GroupFooter1 dialog box.

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