How much does it cost to host this webpage using wordpress platform?

I try to host this website by minimize the cost to the lowest one as possible because I would like to learn how to make it works without expense too much at the beginning. It is the starting life of my blogging so I would like to have more experience on it first. I would also preferred to host it on a professional hosting provider also but it is not now. I will reconsider it again once my current subscription is nearly expire.

I am not sure too that the expense for making this site available on net is a minimal one, may be there are many other people around the world who can make it done more lower then mine, who know?

There are several points I keep in mind on thinking while starting these. The following are the points which I have made a note before step in.

1. Domain Name – what domain name should you put for your website?
When I came in to this point, it is hard to decide what name should I use to put for my website. I was at first, thinking of making this blog is for sharing things of my daughter like her daily activities, and some stuff that I prepared for her to improve her learning.

Here is my payment of domain subscription on


As you can see, I paid 10.34 USD for 2 years subscription so it is equals to 5.17 USD a year. Sound interesting? You can try your self out.

Normally, first level of domain cos around 10 USD per year but the secret of having above price for my domain is apply coupon πŸ™‚ It is my habit, because before purchasing something online I usually try to find some coupon to gain little discount from their original price over the web before deciding to stick on their propose price. After play around on the net for a great coupon code, I came up with the website calling It provides lot interesting code where you can apply to buy your domain name with hug discount like me too.

I am not considered that I have made a huge discount on applying the code provided from above website, but at lease I can manage to have a cheaper then original price, may be there are some of our friends out there could recommends a much more better way for saving on domain registration.

2. Platform – there are various contain management available on net with free and commercial one, so which one to use?

Regarding to the platform to load your content and display it to audiences, you should consider whether starting from scratch, or from some existing content management like wordpress, joomla, drupal, …
If you have had experiences on web development programming languages may be you could do it in ASP Classic, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, PHP, or JSP … There are lot of tools where we can start from. For me, I would recommend to start with wordpress as it is more easy to install, and make it works just few minutes.

You are now reading my article on a wordpress platform which I decided to utilize it to manage my information. It does not take you very long to set it up and make it run. It is also recommend to download the latest version from there official website so that security hole are mostly fixed, if you plan to use it as your CMS.

At the means time, some additional plugin is also used along with like:

  • All In One SEO Pack: make your article more search engine obtimization
  • Google Analytics by Yoast: tracking your page statistic
  • Google Captcha (reCAPTCHA) by BestWebSoft: prevent your post from spams
  • Social Sharing Toolkit: social sharing button below each of your articles

3. Hosting provider – the place where your contents exactly located in.

Domain name is just a link pointed to your hosting site. Without hosting, you can not live your content to your visitor. There are lot of hosting provider around the world. They try to provide many more feature with low price and also assure of up-time 99.99%

I have listed some that I have known and also got recommendation from my friends while I start making up this website.

I have plant to switch to one of the above hosting provider if my current hosting is not very reliable. I am firstly start from free hosting but there have some ads appear while visitor start opening the page. It seems very annoy to you and event for me so I decided to upgrade from free to a paid one. I am on protonghosting now. I paid for 12 for one year subscription on basic.

Here is what they provide me:
1,500 MB webspace, 51,000 MB monthly traffic
max_execution_time increased to 30 seconds
5 MySQL databases per account

with payment I paid for:


So in total, I paid for 17.17 USD per year to host this wordpress webpage.

Do you think, this is consider a saving one?

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