Phnom Penh Postal Code

Phnom Penh Postal Code
Phnom Penh Postal Code

When I start completing on-line form, I usually skip the point where they asked for postal or zip code and just leave it unavailable, blank (if not require), or just input a several digit(if require) without having an idea what is the correct value should be present in that place. That is not the problem of my location is not having postal code, but it is because I do not really know what it is referred to and what should I put in that field.

Finally, I found a resource where mostly of postal code in all sangkat in Phnom Penh City are defined. In case if you need it please feel free to get it as below. I know that recently that have lot of sangkat are migrated or separated from their original commune. I have tried to have all of them in here with Google maps pointing to where those sangkat located but some of them does not have yet the postal code for the new migration. They have had their old postal code but I preferred to leave it blank because it should not be used as they have been migrated already.

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General Post Office


Khan Chamkarmon


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Phnom Penh – Kung Fu Panda 3​​ now on cinema​ in Cambodia

Friends, do you like watching animation movie? I knew you would, just much or less only. For me, I am extreamly like animation movie. Some of my freinds saying that I look like a kids because
they use to see me watching animation movie or ask them about new relaese of cartoon movie. From time to time, I used to search for new release or pre-release on the network such as torrent site but
it is not always easy and sometime, it is not a real movie just a fake one.

These are the most known animation movie production company:

  • DreamWorks Animation,
  • Walt Disney Animation Studios ,
  • Fox Animation Studios/20th Century Fox Animation,
  • Pixar,
  • Blue Sky Studios

Before there is no cinema in Phnom Penh, capable to display 3D movie but today there are many can handle these feature like other country, not just only 3D but also 4D and large screen display too.
As I remembered, 10+ years ago when I have chance to go abroad, and at that time there is no cinema in Cambodia possible to show 3D movie. Our team decided to buy movie tickets to watch 3D movie as
we have never had an experience on how 3D movie look like when it is on screen. When enter, they give us 3D glass, we feel abit strange because of that device. We thought why it is needed to have an add-on
item to be able to see it. Finally, we understand when the movie is on show but unluckily, the movie is not in English, it is in their own language only subtitle is in English.

Heee, I am not good in English, neither speaking or writing. I can understand the subtitle of the movie for only 20% but with the help of a friend whom his English is perfect, so he done the resume for me in my language.

Recently there is a new release of animation movie called Kung Fu Panda 3 which is just put on show in cinema around the world. Cambodia is also have the schedule to display in verious cinema too.
I have plan to bring my oldest daughter to see it together also. She like them the same way I did too.

Show time: 95 minutes

Schedule show at cinema:

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