*PayGo – fastest and convenience ways to pay your bill online in Cambodia from your handheld

1.What is PayGo?

PayGo is an electronic wallet which allows you to pay for online transaction. If you have ever heard about Paypal,​then you already have an idea what it is talking about. PayGo can handle the bill payment in various services such as:

Phone: top up your phone – instead of scratch card you can refill your balance from your phone device,

Utilities: Pay electricity bill consumption for Batambang, Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, and Sihanoukville ,

Internet & TV: Pay for Internet & TV (like Digi, Ezecom, OneTV, Online Cambodia, SINET, Sing Meng, and Telecom Cambodia),

Games: pay for your favorites games like FanNow, Sabay Coins, and mJams,

Finance: various service can be now handle by just clicking from your mobile device such as CooBill, GLF, Mission Mouy Roy, and YCP,

Education: you can also settle school fee payment from your handheld device for Footprints, Western, and Zaman University,

Shopping: to make life much more easier and convenience for shopping, the service allow you to browse on corporate store online, if you interested in any items you can make purchase and the payment can be settle using PayGo e-wallet from your device directly. Those store are Littlefashion, The Gift, and Zalora Shop,

Money Transfer: Another cool feature is money money. You can transfer you PayGo e-wallet to ABA Bank, GCash Wallet, Globe GCASH, SmartLuy send money, Truemoney Send Money, eMoney Send Money.

Virtual Master Card: furthermore, you can pay over internet where master card has been used to settle the transaction. So from now on, you can buy something on eBay, Amazon, AppStore, GooglePlay, and so on without needed to use physical Master Card that required you to pay for yearly maintenance fee. It is a free of charge add-on which require you to have minimum 5$ in your wallet before applying.

It is a very convenient and fast ways of payment settle compare to traditional one – paid on delivery. The business was started since 2013.

2.How can you get PayGo account and ready to use on your handheld device?

To get PayGo account you need to have mobile phone either on IOS (iPhone) or Android powered device like Samsung, LG, Sony, …

+ For IOS powered devices like IPhoneapp-store

+ For android powered device google-play

The following is the guideline on how to get PayGo app install on your IOS powered device such as iPhone.

  1. Go to AppStore on your phone
  2. Click Search
  3. Input key word to search “paygo”, a similar name from entire AppStore will be showup. Please choose “paygo wallet” to get what we are talking about in this article.
  4. Then click on Get, Install
  5. Once installation is finised, you can start application by clicking on Open005
  6. Security protection for the application is settle to protect against unauthorized used. You need to key in security code and re-confirmation.006
  7. Security application password is already setup, now let assign your phone number with PayGo account. You need link your phone number with the application. Start by key-in your number in the format +85589XXXXXX, +85516XXXXXX, …follow by Accept Terms and Conditions, and final by clicking on button OK then a security code from PayGo service will be automatic generated and send to mobile number that you have just specified.007
  8. Once you receive security code in your sms, copy it and past in the textbox008
  9. After code is confirm then a welcome page of PayGo will be show up to introduce you about what does they can do and what can you get back from them on using their tools.009


  10. Finally, you can access all feature available in PayGo application on your handheld device.

3. How to top-up your PayGo account?

Now your are ready to go. Apps is already installed on your phone. But how can your top up your PayGo account? Come to this point, you might be asking me, why should you do it? To pay, you need to have balance in your account first otherwise there is no way you can use it to settle your payment to various services that it can handle.

Actually, there are several ways you can make it works:

    • PayGo KioskPayGo Kiosk

      It is an easiest and very convenience ways to load your balance because there have more than 200 kiosk available in Cambodia. The procedure is very simple, just find your nearest location one, remembering your PayGo ID, and the last one is money for topping-up your e-wallet. The machine is accept only USD only.


      To find your nearest PayGo kiosk, go to your PayGo in your mobile and click on Find a kiosk


      As you can see, there are many kiosks available around my zone. You can check it by your self later once you need to fill up money to your account.

      To load balance in Kiosk, you should start by clicking on a touch screen button “PayGo Wallet Refill”
      PayGo Kiosk - Refill Money

      Then key in your PayGo account ID to the box


      After that, put your money to the machine


      Follow by clicking Pay to confirm your process.


      Once the transaction is completed, do not forget to take your receipt. If anything goes wrong, you can used it to talk with PayGo customer care.

      PayGo Receipt


    • ABA Internet Banking
      ABA IBanking


    • ABA Cash In – ATM
Deposit Paygo Wallet via ABA cash-in machine
Deposit Paygo Wallet via ABA cash-in machine


    • ABA Bank
Load your PayGo wallet by visiting ABA bank
Load your PayGo wallet by visiting ABA bank

You can refill your PayGo Wallet by visiting any branches of ABA bank. To get it refill, you just asked operator that you need to top-up your PayGo account where your ID is XXXX(read that ID in your PayGo apps on your mobile) by specific to put your money to account number 000078319.

4. Can you withdraw your money from PayGo balance?

If you wishes to withdraw your money from your PayGo balance, you have many options. Each options would cause you some fee so choose the one you consider most convenience the best for you.


    1. SmartLuy

Fee is cost you 1.5 USD for a transaction from 5 USD (minimum) to 500 USD (maximum).


    1. TrueMoney


Amount Fee (USD)
0-100 0.62
100-200 0.88
200-500 1.38
500-1000 2.12


    1. eMoney


Amount Fee (USD)
0-50 0.75
50-200 1.00
200-500 1.25
500-1000 2.00

5. How to get PayGo Virtual Master Card for free?

You can get PayGo Virtual Master Card for free of charge
You can get PayGo Virtual Master Card for free of charge

To settle online payment, Master or Visa Card is used mostly in anywhere. There have two type of the card, physical card(plastic card – it will cost you yearly maintenance fee) and virtual card (only in electronic form – mostly cost no fee). PayGo has launch this feature to enable you to make your purchase online using Master Card for free. So you can enjoy buying something online on eBay, Amazon, Alibaba, …
Not just only that, you can also use this virtual card to link to your Google Play, AppStore, PayPal, Payza, …

Bear in mind that you need to read and understand carefully the term of use the card:

  1. You need to have at lease 5 USD in your PayGo e-wallet before applying the card
  2. When you link this virtual card to Google Play or AppStore, the verification fee is 1 USD and this fee will not be refund
  3. You can link also with PayPal account, the verification process of PayPal will withdraw some fee from your account. The fee will be refund back to your PayPal wallet once the verification is completed.
  4. Check your balance before making any purchase. You will be charge 0.5 USD as penalty in case you play with the virtual card on paying something online while you do not have enough balance to settle.
  5. 0.1 USD will be charge as the fee, if you settle the payment online lower then 5 USD for a transaction. If it is more then 5 USD, the fee will be at 2% of settle amount.
  6. If you pay for any currency beside USD, you will be charge 0.1 USD for transaction below 2.50 USD. If it is more then 2.50 USD in term of currency conversion, the fee will be 4.99%.
  7. You will be charge 3 USD, if you try to re-issue the new Virtual card while you old one is not yet expired. It will be free if you re-issue when your card is expired or one month before expiration.

To apply the card, you need to go to your PayGo apps on your mobile then click on My Card

Click on My Card to start applying virtual master card
Click on My Card to start applying virtual master card

Then you need to fill in your profile information like your Name, Date of birth, Nationality, ID card or Passport number, Country, Address, Email.

Fill in your personal profile
Fill in your personal profile

6. Pro and Con of PayGo?


    1. Can get real cash back Every time you make any payment, you will be given a part of your money back to your account immediately.
You will get some cash back to your wallet when you paid for example top-up your phone balance
You will get some cash back to your wallet when you paid for example top-up your phone balance
  1. Get fee virtual Master Card that allow you to settle mostly online shop around the globe.
  2. Pay bill online just several click. It can help you to top up your phone, pay electricity bills, internet, television and tuition. Buy Sabay coins, Steam Game, League Of Legends, Diadlo, World of WarCraft, Dota 2, World of Tanks, Counter Stike: Global Offensive and more. You can transfer money to another PayGo Wallet user immediately and commission free, as well as convert your PayGo Wallet balance to cash. Buy Bus ticket via bookmebus


  1. Can not cash out back from PayGo machine. Withdraw fund from PayGo is not free of charge, the fee will be apply on each transaction while doing cash transfer.
  2. Need to have internet connection to be able to use the service

5 thoughts to “*PayGo – fastest and convenience ways to pay your bill online in Cambodia from your handheld”

  1. Hello.i have some questions to ask you about paygo. If I want transfer money from another banking like difference countries so I can transfer or not. I mean if I don’t have ABA bank but I have account bank in Thailand so I want transfer to paygo it can transfer or not. I just want to know more information

    1. Dear Virakdet,

      Actually you can not top up your paygo ewallet from abroad. Only from Paygo kioask, Aba ibanking, Aba bank. They have plan to enable topup using moneygram and western union in near future.

    1. I have no idea about that. PayGo is corporate with ABA bank so it might not be possible to other bank account to use such feature.

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