Payoneer for Cambodian people and around the world

For Cambodian people we had difficulty on receiving payment from online service. There still no easy way up to date to get them as what has been implemented around the world on supported country. Some of you might be already known about other payment service such as Paypal, Payza, โ€ฆ These are the payment processor which are mostly used and still there are the limitation of the way we can withdrawal from the account locally.

As we are a blogger, freelance, tester, or outsource worker, there should be a better way to receive our hard working income in our hand.

Recently I have learnt that there have another service call Payoneer. Payoneer is a financial services business that provides online money transfer and e-commerce payment services.

I have been working part of utest and currently used Paypal as the way to receive the payment from my works. There is no solution actually for me to take those payment out of my Paypal account. I can only spend them on buying goods from Ebay or other online shopping website that support Paypal.

I plant to switch back to Payoneer once I got my Master Debit Card. With it, I can withdraw my payment using the card on any ATM machine that has Visa logo with tiny fee.

The following are the fee applied when using Payoneer from Cambodia, these fee might be different from each other depend on the country your account is signed in.

Payoneer fee when registered from Cambodia
Payoneer fee when registered from Cambodia

I will get you an update once I got the card, and other services that I made online to get payment to this payment service.

There is two way which you can request the card:

  • 1. Through regular mail

    Once your card is approved, the card will ship using regular mail service(by post office) with free of charge and would take long to receive or might not receive if no enough luck. I have seen many people already in Phnom Penh success receiving the card through post office, and I have tried to contact them for their successes way but never got information back. Is that consider a fake information sharing from them or they do not means to share their process?

    I have tried this services two time already without luck of information where my cards are up-to-date. I just apply to re-issue third time yesterday and it suppose deliver in the mid of March. Never mind, once I got that I can let you use my balance to have the plastic card trough DHL or Fidex.

  • 2. Expedited service of DHL/Fidex

    You can also order the card to ship to you using expedited shipping like DHL or Fidex but there is a constraint that you need to have sufficient funds in your account in advance before applying this shipping method otherwise you can make it done. The funds of this shipment is not refundable.

    For new register like you and me, we found hard to have balance to cover this shipment. How can we do?

    The fees of expedited shipping:

    • Within the US:
      + US Premium FedEx Delivery at a cost of $22 (Overall shipping time is 4-5 business days).
      + US Express FedEx Delivery at a cost of $30 (Overall shipping time is 3-4 business days).
    • Outside the US:
      + To other international destinations – DHL expedited shipping at a cost of $50 (Overall shipping time is 4-7 business days).
      + To Russia – DHL expedited shipping at a cost of $50 (Overall shipping time is 10-15 business days).

    You need to provide the following address format when you contact their support for DHL or Fedex service and also state that you need expedited shipping. Be sure to have sufficient fund to cover shipment before apply:

    Street Address (limit to 60 characters):
    Zip Code:
    Phone number:

  1. Moreover, you can also get $25 into your account once you referred Payoneer to one of your friends. After your friend signs up and receives a total payment of $100 in their account, you and him/her earn a 25$ as reward. I love this points, but still hope to see this reward on my account soon after you read this post ๐Ÿ™‚

    If you prefered to signed up Payoneer through my link, then we both could get $25 each as reward from the company.

    Here is my link payonnerbonus

Finally, I got my Payoneer Card last week-end.

Payonner Master Card

9 thoughts to “Payoneer for Cambodian people and around the world”

    1. Any points that is not clear and need to get some explanation? I have plan to translate all the contents of this website into Khmer but will hosted in other site instead. I will do it later, but not very soon. If you need some help on this context, please let me know.

        1. It is easy if you have money in your ATM card, you can withdraw it in any ATM that support Master Card. The fee might depended on each bank, I have tried with Campu Bank ATM, it charge me 5$ as fee.

    2. Hello. I am Sokhei. I am interested in this information about Payoneer. I am student in Cambodia. I just have questions for you, what I need to do with the Payoneer? And also, if I want to do the Payoneer card what do I need to link with it (Means: do they need master card or Visa card)?

  1. i also applied for their card. it said i will recieve it on december 25th-ist but i dont know what to do now. i meant what document or thing i need to go and recieve the card from the post office? like my goverment ID card? or what? if u dont mind please tell me ur process of recieving the card. thank you

    1. I think you could contact post office staff for your card. Some people got phone call from post office about their card is delivered at their office and they need to come to picked it up, and some people got it deliver to their home directly. I think you can go to post office and ask them to have a check for your card. Have them some tips, would be much more faster service ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Hello

    is anybody here to help withdraw money for comission from my Paioneer account?
    I do not have paioneer card.
    thx in advance.


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