Record your voice communicate using automatic call recorder in your android smart phone

automatic call recorder

One time, as I remembered, I want to review what I have been talked on the phone with my friend last day about the project we had plan together and the profit share agreement. At that time, I have nothing to record my communication so I have no argument to prove other members about our agreement during recent conversation. I hate my self why shouldn’t I have something on the phone to record what have been said. It is a smart phone (Samsung SIII – Android 4.3) so it should have had some apps available in the Play Store for free to use in standard way.

Finally I found an apps calling Automatic Call Recorder which is easy to use. Since I have that apps, I still recommend to you to have it install on your device in case if you want to review what you have been talk to your partner on your last call. It is free of charge and it consume your storage just around 10MB, lower the your movie clip or equals to several your mp3 song. One more important thing of this apps, it can automatic transfer your saving record to your cloud storage.

The following is the guide line step by step of how to install and using it:

1. Go to Play Store on your phone


2. Type automatic call recorder in the search box
Once you hit go, you see a list of apps with similar name appear. Then select Automatic Call Recorder by Appliqato


3. Then accept their requirement permission to let it install on your device.



4. Once your apps is install, you can see its icon on your apps library

5. Now it comes to the stage of configuration, by default it select Light themes, the way how apps is look and feel

6. To enable your save record syn automatically with your cloud storage on DropBox or Google Drive, you need to set it up first. Setting up by clicking on Setup Cloud

Either DropBox or Google Drive appear for your choice

Suppose I choose Google Drive as my cloud storage

Once you clicked on Login {Login to Google Drive}, an account confirmation to link with will appear

Once these above setting is done, you are ready to syn your saving voice to your cloud storage when your phone is connected to the internet.

7. Other setting

+ Audio Source: It can be setting differently as example Voice Call is focusing on your partner voice then from your self


+ Inbox Size: this is an important point too, is to set number of history call to keep on the phone. This does not reflected to the cloud storage. If your does not save your inbox, the voice will not synchronize to your cloud storage. It will appear only in your inbox, and override later on when inbox size is met their criteria. As example, I let it keep in my inbox for 100 last call recorded.

Now everything should be ready to serve for your need on recording your communication on your android smart phone.

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