*Flight information of Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Sihanouk International Airport on your handheld



During our travel either international or domestic flight, it would be very great if we had an information of the flight which we are going to fly with in advance so that we would know if there have any change on their status especially in the case of delay or flight cancel. It help us to prevent travelling to the airport and await there much more time than what it should be. Not just only for our own travel but also important when you need to pick up your relatives, it would ensure that you come on-time without delay.

Recently I have found an app calling “Cambodia Airports” which is own by Cambodia International Airport and developed by a professional Cambodia Mobile Apps development agency call CamMob. It is great that we can have those important information of the flight from all of three international airport of Cambodia, like Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, and Sihanouk International airport in your handheld device such as Android Phone and Tablet, IPad, IPhone … The application is free of charge so you do not worry about the application cost, what you need to worry is whether your device has internet connection?

You can download it from



The information you saw in the app is the same as what you can see in the Flight Information Display System at the airport. It uses the same source of information.

At Mobile App in your handheld device (Samsung Galaxy S3)

At Flight Information Display System at the Airport


You can not just view the flight information, you can also

  • Create alert on a specific flight so that you got updated on your handheld home screen
  • Switching language between English and Khmer
  • Navigate through verious shopping, dining and services guide in airports
  • Access practical information (Visa, transportation, taxi) at your fingertips even when you
    have no connection to the Internet


Phnom Penh Postal Code

Phnom Penh Postal Code
Phnom Penh Postal Code

When I start completing on-line form, I usually skip the point where they asked for postal or zip code and just leave it unavailable, blank (if not require), or just input a several digit(if require) without having an idea what is the correct value should be present in that place. That is not the problem of my location is not having postal code, but it is because I do not really know what it is referred to and what should I put in that field.

Finally, I found a resource where mostly of postal code in all sangkat in Phnom Penh City are defined. In case if you need it please feel free to get it as below. I know that recently that have lot of sangkat are migrated or separated from their original commune. I have tried to have all of them in here with Google maps pointing to where those sangkat located but some of them does not have yet the postal code for the new migration. They have had their old postal code but I preferred to leave it blank because it should not be used as they have been migrated already.

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General Post Office


Khan Chamkarmon


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